Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

World Racing increasingly menggepar where. What's more drag bike, in particular Indonesia nya.minat so much. all riders chasing Dragbike racing world accomplishments.

Talk classes in world racing Dragbike alias karapan certainly more varied. Mainly apply 4 stroke engine according to date. However, do not be one of perception as well. Category 2 It remains interesting to study. Understandably, this is a popular old class early. Including more efficient connection setting so familiar to the engine tuner. One of them duck 2 Tune It Up s / d 115 cc. Here the fight kudabesi kinds Yamaha F1ZR, RG Sport and others.

"This F1ZR best-ever carve a fantastic time up to 7.8 seconds for a distance of 201 meters," proud nto-nto, Cream Pie Racing team skipper Jogjakarta rely senior VP Mboted dragster. Observing time is certainly not comparable to Tune Up Sport 2 s / d 140 cc or Sport 4 Not Tune Up s / d 200 cc. Logically, posture Duck 2 There are smaller and lighter could go faster for both fighters to start with.

"Exhaust or flue hole initial concern. Currently with 23.8 mm height, 40 mm width. Shaped like a trapezoid, "beber mechanical Kusmiyanto, slang addressed Ciplex also raised 1.5 mm hole transfer. Referring to the theory, the higher the better exhaust at top-speed, but the expense of lower RPM. "So the formula had been so qualified for a distance of 201 meters," said VP Mboted from Sleman, Jogjakarta and previously popular in racing wildly around the DIY-Central Java.

The story continues. Changes in the combustor was active requires an adequate supply of gas. It's absolutely legal. "Through research, the more efficient the TM 34 mm carburetor. Never used a 36 but sluggish in the run-down, "said Ciplex are adopting spuyer 300 for main-jet and 80 for pilot-jet. However, when the fuel and air lines are designed with a more solid volume output, it takes the pressure is higher.

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