Senin, 05 November 2012

How to change the injection into the carburetor, as well as V-xion Motor products from Yamaha. Call it child Racing, the various ways that it can be used motor racing. So many different areas of interest to the world of racing, especially children muda.Dengan very many different ways in order to be fast on the road bike.
Immediately, we discuss about how to change the motor injection into the carburetor. Call it mr Roni, the mechanics of Winton. He experimented motorcycle V-xion injection into the carburetor. And the bike also had my own.
First we assemble using the ignition coil cdi shogun and Rx-King. We use a standard magnet. We cut the magnetic sensor, in reserving 1, if there are innate motor sensor 11. Once we assemble our ignition assemble carburetor. we use a carburetor PE 28, more than enough.
Then we try, we look at what is still a problem. if there is a problem then we dismantle again. If you want more there is the pull of the engine, we sekraf on the cylinder 0.5 mm only. Then we reamer hole kopnya cylinder. enough of us. So, greetings gas 201 m.

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