Senin, 05 November 2012



Motobike - Hi also Albert. Daily Korek Kawasaki Ninja 150 is known to have some stage. Well this time it actually matches the daily trend pace so 175 cc Bore up piston relying branded High Speed​​. "Boring replaced with a special concoction (fig 1). That is made ​​of nickel plated steel. Baseball so easy to wear, "

For strokenya fixed standard, ie 54.4 mm. If the calculated use cylinder volume formula (3.14 x 64 x 54.4 / 4000), the results are 175 cc. "The volume is enough for that much daily. Nah too extravagant jugadan still rationally without replacing the carburetor, "

Some settings are also done, dianataranya enlarge the exhaust port holes at 30 mm (fig 2). "Point to increase rpm. The width of the exhaust port is 70-73 percent of the diameter of the piston, "pointed out the man who is familiarly called as he says it should also change the velocity of the intake port.

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