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match engine jupiter z

Bore up for yamaha jupie safe!

Ducks 4-stroke match outlaw using bore up tricks, ride or larger valve stroke increasingly prevalent on the streets. Just love, the more tricks that only the uber performance but forget the durability factor. As is the case today.

"If you want to ride a stroke, my crutch-as mending pairs Karisma Honda to Yamaha Jupiter-Z. Automatic piston step so 57.9 mm (54 mm stroke original Jupiter). Weigh change crutch-as Jupiter or replace pin down (big end) offset risk models do not balance, "Dimboeng open it, Ron's Motorsport tuner.

And taunya, not many changes in the area around the crank-case Jupiter-Z to load the crutch-as Karisma blades are wider and heavier. "Incidentally, the code-bearing crutches left as the same, ie 6304. So no problem. Just make the right should be 6304 instead of 6205, "said the father of three children.

But before you apply, try the rotary pendulum crutch-as Karisma and make sure tidaak scrape the wall crank-case. And if there was a little stuck, lose extra 'meat' aluminum with a knife drill tune.
The following job rada weight, shaft crutch-as the right to be established exactly Karisma had Jupiter-Z. This is so the primary gear and the oil pump can still work normally. "How to cut the tip of 3 mm. Kept asking turner serrations make the engine scrap, "workshop dibaturetno sure this must already know ...

While for the left side is relatively easy, because the diameter of the shaft just left crutch-as Karisma to fit the magnet bore Jupiter-Z. And do not forget to make spi locking groove.

Since stroke Karisma longer be forced to block cylinder engine modified Jupiter-Z. As a booster gave gasket aluminum cylinder block below 9 mm thick and 4 bolts attach the cylinder block Suzuki Shogun 125. Not only that, the chain keteng Jupiter-Z also had to go through one eye.

"If it were so, handlebars Karisma piston diameter 13 mm piston can now use Kawak Kaze (53 mm), Blitz Joy (56 mm) or Honda Sonic (58 mm). Anyway just select and adjust supporting changes in the cylinder head, "continued the former roadracer Midshipman Ade's contemporary.

For more big piston of course the dome, squish, sitting wide-valve until the valve could be balanced as well. If you use Kaze piston so the capacity 127.6 cc, with piston Blitz Joy jumped to 142.5 cc or swelling because so piston Sonic 152.8 cc. Just choose bro ... steady abis dech pokonya,,,, funds ga how bro ....

 What else use default Rextor racing cdi ... matap bro ... merci blinter coil used kawasaki congenital aja bro .... big plus ignition ............

enough disposable PE 28 carburetor boss .... it has a maximum .. not big - big ga ... later ran his motorcycle when an oversized carburetor .....

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