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Scrape Motor Satria FU 150 Daily

Scrape Motor Satria FU 150 Daily

image      lighter engine, Many say in the world of martial wild racing hard, the engine capacity must be gambot aka extra fat. This makes an increase in power that makes the engine run wild, screaming power want to continue as gas drag.
but if you want in daily use for this one trick Satria FU 150 engine modifications that can be ok for racing, mejeng ma stylis jg can.
Engine capacity of 150cc Suzuki Satria result of marital 62mm piston diameter and stroke 48.8 mm with a compression ratio of 10.4 should we Rombak its specs if you really intend to become king of the road. The first one had to do is ... create a budget, siapin money first! Kan gk if there is money which can be modif ...
I consider the money already in hand. Next we'll change the spec engine to stroke 61.8 mm stroke results from the elevated tracks standard 6.5 mm and 65mm piston hispeed existing brands coakan valve for 4klep.
If its engine capacity is calculated to be:
V = 0.785 x 65 x 65 x 61.8 = 204.9 cc
Well, by now the capacity has been able to create official drag down 4tak cub up to 200cc, drag first, home can be used to market, heeee
 Do not forget that up 6.5 mm stroke requires a gasket under the aluminum block 4.5 mm thick. Then the piston dome is made with a height of only 1mm and then cut the head as much as 0.5 mm.
Talking heads certainly talking too ... Immediately wrote valve valve standard beat (23-19) with valve size 25 intake and 21 exhaust. If there are difficulties in this section can directly contact me for assistance and ordering.
Then do not forget to also camshaft lift in modif so have a duration of 7.8 mm with 280 intake and 276 exhaust. The next step, still seputaran head, and do not forget ex ported in a circle, it's a standard oval ... Ported 28mm diameter intake duct and exhaust 27mm.
To use standard valve springs because scar is still quite strong. Problems alias clutch and power delivery per clutch, can be replaced with a racing product .. Definitely okay ..

Also make sure the magnet exposed 1.5 mm circular lathe let light and will support acceleration. These carburetor problem. Here ample use carburetor NSR SP 28mm diameter, not its besar2 carburetor, Myspace difficult to find opponents ...
Setting main jet pilot jet 42 and 125. 1.5 swirl round. Then for the affairs of ignition, leave it to CDI Rextor - be the adjustable or programmable - setting of 15 degrees until 38 degrees at 9000 rpm. Limiter set at 14,000 rpm only, while for the gear ratio transmission aka not use just standard issue.

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