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PE 28 carburetor

PE 28 carburetor

This carburetor emang Cihuy ........... Cheap, easy and spuyer easily be set in the can. Price varies started 450rb s / d 2 million, which would have no quality there is a price.
PE28/26 made in Thai
PE28 made in the original Thai NSR SP innate
PE28/26 made in Japan / Daytona / Sudco

PE28 carburetor Thai (ki) and PE28 Thai copotan NSR SP (ka).
PE26 Japan (ka) & PE 28 Sudco (ki)PE28 Sudco (ki) & PE26 Japan (ka)
Comparison PE26 and PE28 Sudco Japan
Seen there is no significant difference between PE28 and PE28 Thai Thai copotan NSR SP, as we know in general if a baited) and precision of his workmanship is very good when compared to items already in mass production.
rang (lim
The difference that the writer feels the PE28 thai (bulk) and copotan PE28 carburetor NSR SP is currently installed on the motor (FU150), cries the more fierce engine RPM / screaming than PE28 thai (bulk.) I suspect this is due to the precision of the carburetor.
PE28 carburetor special Thai / Japan still can be maximized by adding and replacing parts as follows (tested):
Air Filter K & N RC-2580 or RC-1060 made in the USA in addition to keeping the carburetor clean, feels the breath bike feel longer.
Replacing Needles skepticism (jet needle) and Noozle (Needle Jet) belongs PWK Sudco or Daytona. With these changes helped increase motor performance.
The special feature Carb PE28 / PE26:
Japan / Sudco / Daytona
Material / finishing smooth / smooth whitish color religion, says made in japan. Posts Keihin nimbul, needle skepticism can be set, a special needle sudco skepnya yellow to golden.

Aga dark colors, writing made in T, needle set bs in ga skepticism, skepticism colors chrome, brass color basically.
China / Taiwan
Sm color such as thai, needle skepticism can be set / set bs ill, morbidly skepticism in crome / kalopun skepticism come in chrome base hit chrome / aga coarse material / finishing less tidy although some some looks that neat. writing code that together as u jg ga thai.
Trouble shooting, Motor averse life / flame:
Busi is it still good?
Ignition coil is issued? Attach the spark plug wires (no chop) to the mass / body motor. Or put plugs in the chop and then paste it into the mass / body motor.
If there is no fire from the coil to the CDI checks.
If the spark plugs, coil, CDI has no problem check to Carb
Clean Carb
Make sure the life jacket is the right fuel
Make sure the nozzle exhaust gas that was in the carb upright, there when the nozzle is bent so that the time of entry into the carb bowl position clogged so disposal is not smooth. The result? Carburetor flooding so hard to for life.
Using Sudco Carb spuyer typically use a smaller size compared to product Thai / Japan. Allegedly due to skepticism and the needle profile presisian carb.
Whatever you PE28 (Thai, Sudco, Daytona) outperforms on your bike

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