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the lighter bike I will discuss the match engine Yamaha Vega-R for daily, due to the daily special we make as light as possible with formulas and calculations of course but it still puts the results in peak power was out, forcing the machine should still screaming, the results get rpm tentunya.Part highest peak rpm / components we are trying to discuss the use of spare parts substitution (replacement) of other manufacturers are not ricing, save for the daily price because applications can bikers.Kita shogun valve, the valve stem with a length of 67 millimeters, we make the valve appear 29 millimeters from the base of his head, the gap is 4.5 milimeter.Gap wide like a racing motorcycle road race, is useful to get a high overlapping area, thus improving power on lap top. Supported by the application for the valve pear-owned CS-1 to avoid late return exhaust valve on lap 10 000 RPM.Nokn As / Kem pegged lifter cam lobe 7 millimeters, and the papas Nokn As 1.5 millimeters. Areas we papas intake port 5 millimeters, made ported box that most closely matches the design suzuki satria FU150. We know the most important principle, which is diinginginkan winding airflow laterally, clotted in the area near the valve bushing, and then pressed to form homogenus storm into the cylinder when the valve opens. The efficiency of the combustion chamber that can prevent the detonation of a mixture of air / fuel in the cylinder rotates and termixing. Therefore we dare to set a ratio of swept volume with volume up 11.5 left: 1.Tak forgot latest modification techniques we apply, valve back cut, which adds to the efficiency of these locks to be ported area by 30%, area left - right we widen the valve bushing 110% of the diameter of the intake valve. As a result, Breath hold not endless bike, the top speed of 120 KPJ in 3rd gear then moved into the final gear acceleration is still able to ride. Though cardiac pacemaker kitchen Yamaha Vega engine is just us wearing fox oversized piston kawasaki kaze 1 millimeter, the piston is still a mainstay of the past, only now just how smart we mensiasatinya. Here is a little skill is needed because the block vega 2 millimeters lower than Jupiter Z Vega R or new, this is the opportunity to form like a piston piston dome FIM - izumi. Piston emerging from the block at the line marked with a knife, piston lowered to 0.5 millimeters below the line, and scored dome formed in the combustion chamber. Not to forget the depth speeling coakan valve on the piston are given more in less than 1 mm from the position of the valve overlap. If by Tom Monroe, in his book, Engine Builder Handbook, better depth coakan exhaust valve on the piston deepened, because the trend in the exhaust valve position pear drops only rely on the power valve to restore its position, if it is late then prove fatal - damage the head-valve-piston-liner . That is why often exhaust valve had bent or even broken.

Short block, pistons can be made nge-dum, the heart of it, the potential dome combustion chamber can still be driven by Honda's sonic valve with dimensions 28/24. When the valve 26/22, such as motor tetep novice drivers can still be fierce. Supplay fuel can use the property jupiter z, # 25 pilot jet, main jet # 110. Without a reamer, a standard intake manifold. Box filter should be installed so that dust is not sucked in when the motor was taken to Top Speed. Other changes in the sector clutch lining, clutch lining we rely racing from Indopart, pears coupling of the motor yamaha RX-KING, balancer 900 grams. Magnetism standard, 4ST cdi, coil standard. Nothing special from every part / component, the most important daily concepts and quickness achieved only great power transfer. More nice directly change the gear ratio, set at three secondary numbers used were 30 eyes. Make a reduction of 2 to 3 teeth denser and faster, and still has breath in 4th gear. The results of the speedometer needle stuck top speed is high enough, the final benchmark 15 -35 for the front gear 400meter.Muffler to pursue a lap top, small pursed silinser, pipes 25 millimeters in the neck, connected to 27 millimeters in step - 2, 15 millimeters is a hole silinser gauze, with a number of holes in the pipe 16 pieces with a diameter of 6 millimeters. "lighter motor"

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